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          Latest Announcement

          Name:Huaibei Golo Conveyor System Components Co.,Ltd

          Address:Nvzhen West Road No.5,Economic and Technology Development Zone,Suixi County,Huaibei City, Anhui Province.





          公司簡介 COMPANY PROFILE Current Page- COMPANY PROFILE- Company Culture


          On the road to technical innovation,

          All steps of Huaibei Golo

          Verify our mission to pursue excellence and contribute to society.


          We have no regrets in work and dedication made in the enterprise development.

          All targets

          And all requirements

          Are the push for us to move ahead.


          Core Concept: Quality, reputation, responsibility and progress.

          Design Concept: Simple, Accurate and Reliable

          Marketing Concept: Let the customers feel both connotative and decent.

          Huaibei Golo Conveyor System Components Co.,Ltd

          Address: Nvzhen West Road NO.5,Economic and Technology Development Zone,Suixi County,Huaibei City, Anhui Province.

          Zip Code:235100 Hotline:0561-6063701 Fax:0561-6063702

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